This site contains a guide to buying a spinning rod. It will include reviews on how well certain spinning rod casts and fishes with lures, plugs, spinners etc, and which are best to catch bass, pike, trout and salmon etc.
If you did not know Spinning Rods are mostly used for casting Lures, Plugs and Spinners. They are lightweight, thin rods normally made of Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass.
Personal Choice
The most popular length of spinning rod is generally between 8ft and 10ft. I used to use a 8ft rod then went up to an 11ft carp rod, back to a 10ft rod and now im considering going full circle back to the 8ft rod!
I generally prefer a 10ft spinning rod as it gives more control - especailly if you are fishign off rocks, a pier or over weeds etc.
Some people prefer using a multipliers than a fixed-spool for spinning - in the UK most people use a small fixed-spool - I will cover the plus and minus of using both a fixed spool reel and multipliers on this site.